Legal Assistance for Private Clients

The firm provides assistance and advice for private clients in all areas of civil law, at a judicial and out-of-court level, especially in relation to:

Property law in the area governing ownership and tenancy

  • Preparation of residential contracts, including temporary contracts for work/study purposes, commercial contracts, preliminary contracts of sale, tenancy contracts, subcontracts, company transfer and rental contracts.
  • Legal eviction procedures due to defaulting or lease termination, release procedures for occupied premises.
  • Legal property petition proceedings: actions to recover property, counterclaims, actions regarding boundaries and affixing terms.
  • Possession proceedings: actions to reinstate and maintain possession, complaints against new works and suspected damage.
  • Proceedings regarding compliance with accepted distances for trees and hedges, emission of noise, fumes, smoke and heat.

Law applied to common areas of residential blocks of flats

  • Preliminary consultation and defence for all issues regarding residential blocks of flats and especially for the most general issues related to shared use, exact division of costs, block regulations, attendance at residents' meetings and the validity of decisions and procedures for challenges before judicial authorities.
  • Special legal consultation and assistance for block administrators in relation to credit recovery and active/passive litigation.

Separations and divorces, family and personal law

  • Consultation and defence for consensual and judicial separations and divorces.
  • Consultation on crisis management for de facto families and co-habiting couples, proceedings regarding shared custody of children, review of separation, divorce and custody conditions, separation and divorce maintenance payments, allocation of family home, visiting rights and child maintenance.
  • Interdicts, disqualification procedures and court-appointed guardians.

Law of inheritance and donations

  • Consultation and assistance for issues relating to donations, inheritance issues and distribution of estate.
  • Assistance in drawing up wills, waivers and inheritance claims.
  • Legal defence for inheritance issues in general.

Compensation claims

  • Consultation and assistance for material/non-material damage compensation claims resulting from road accidents against own/other party's insurers.
  • Consultation and assistance for damage compensation claims resulting from any incident, even if not resulting from the circulation of vehicles.
  • Consultation and assistance in verifying the existence of medical error and responsibility of health care providers, in addition to subsequent claims for compensation.
  • Consultation and assistance for submitting claims for compensation in relation to any criminal action.

Consumer protection

  • Consultation and defence for consumers via tools provided by the consumer code, civil code, service charters and EU legislation.


  • Assistance and defence for legal disputes presented before all judicial authorities.
  • Assistance and defence for arbitration procedures bound/not bound by legal procedures.
  • Mediation.
  • Assistance with compulsory/optional mediation procedures preceding the introduction of litigation.

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