Legal Assistance for Companies

Studio Legale Mascali provides companies with valuable support for all management issues, including out-of-court consultation, drawing up business contracts, management of payment delays and supplier/customer relationships, assistance with competition procedures and typical civil law compensation tools.

Legal outsourcing department

The Legal Outsourcing Department is the new name for a service that Studio Legale Mascali has been providing clients with for years, and which is targeted at small-to-medium size businesses.

It is a particularly beneficial legal solution because it helps to reduce the risk of legal disputes with a marked containment of costs.

At the first sign of a problem or doubt the client can contact Studio Legale Mascali and consult a lawyer through a dedicated channel.

The company is then released from managing non-strategic activities and the related costs, by delegating to an outside expert and concentrating on core business activities only.

Studio Legale Mascali offers companies the possibility of establishing ongoing consultation and assistance, even by means of regular meetings at company headquarters or production and administrative premises, facilitating the understanding of company issues through ongoing communication with management and administration personnel.

This type of professional service makes it possible to deal with problems as they arise and forecast the dispute phase and related costs.

Ongoing assistance and consultation for out-of-court procedures is provided on the basis of agreements to pay a flat fee in relation to the nature and complexity of the activity carried out.

As an alternative, or in addition to ongoing assistance, it will also be possible to assign Studio Legale Mascali the job of providing ongoing assistance in relation to credit recovery services, for the out-of-court management of all debts to be recovered.

Commercial law and company contracts

  • Consultation and assistance with commercial company contracts and in particular in relation to:
    • Tenders and works contracts
    • Property sales
    • Goods supply and subcontracting
    • Transport
    • Provision of services
    • Purchase and transfer of fixed/movable assets
    • Tenancies and transfer/purchase of property
    • Financial leasing
    • Sureties
    • Debt transfer
    • Other company contracts
  • Legal assistance in the event of disputes in relation to the aforementioned contracts.

Agency and commercial distribution contracts

  • Preparation of commercial agency contracts with individuals or legal entities based in Italy or abroad.
  • Assistance in the relationship implementation and termination phases.
  • Assistance with disputes regarding relationship implementation and termination (commission, contract termination payments, agency delivery to the principal or successor agency, violation of exclusive rights, violation of non-competition agreements).
  • Preparation of commercial distribution contracts in Italy and abroad and assistance with related disputes presented before judicial authorities.

Bankruptcy law and competition procedures

  • Assistance with lawsuits brought about by procedures designated by appointed judges or against parties involved.
  • Assistance with bankruptcy claims or agreements with creditors.
  • Disputes with bankrupt companies or creditors.
  • Consultation and assistance in the case of recovery actions.
  • Discharges.
  • Credit Recovery

  • Analysis on debtor solvency and investigations on the extent of the debtor's estate: search of bank accounts, property, work activity, debts owed to third parties.
  • Payment notices Injunctions
  • Writ of executions for promissory notes, cheques and other titles
  • Property attachment orders
  • Third party debt orders
  • Movable property attachment orders
  • Sale applications Intervention for actions already in progress
  • Assignment of claims
  • For further information go to the section on credit recovery


    • Assistance and defence in judicial disputes with customers, suppliers and third parties.
    • Assistance and defence for arbitration procedures bound/not bound by legal procedures.
    • Mediation.
    • Assistance with compulsory/optional mediation procedures preceding the introduction of litigation.

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