Credit Recovery

Studio Legale Mascali has always dealt with credit recovery sensitively, given its fundamental importance in the everyday life of companies and individuals.

Credit recovery activities basically involve two procedures: judicial and out-of-court.

Studio Legale Mascali manages both types, favouring the out-of-court procedure as it is more immediate and, above all, less onerous for the client.

Out-of-court phase

The credit recovery out-of-court phase is indisputable in the entire procedure because it can quickly recover debts fully, including legal expenses incurred by the law firm.

In addition to drawing up and serving notices in out-of-court procedures, Studio Legale Mascali also manages the relationship with the debtor directly in compliance with client instructions, in order to reach a prompt, positive resolution to the case.

In this framework, all solutions that best enable a result to be achieved are proposed and closely followed through until their conclusion.

An example would be a settlement drawn up and signed, the management of repayment plans, and the analysis of full and final payment solutions and their preparation.

Judicial phase

The judicial procedure is only implemented where it is not possible to recover debts with an out-of-court procedure.

This activity is carried out with the precise intention of actually recovering the client's debt.

As a result, this legal action is preceded by the careful analysis of the debtor's assets via information and rating companies.

The aim is to avoid pointless procedures and concentrate on the best possible alternatives from the start. For this purpose Studio Legale Mascali also makes use of efficient investigation companies that can provide essential information for the positive outcome of the recovery procedure.

Credit recovery abroad

Studio Legale Mascali deals with credit recovery for its clients on a daily basis, both in Italy and abroad, in Europe mainly but also elsewhere.

During numerous years of activity the firm has created an extensive network of working relationships in Italy and Europe, and can therefore operate throughout these areas.

Ongoing assistance with credit recovery

Studio Legale Mascali can also provide ongoing assistance with credit recovery, by managing out-of-court credit recovery procedures for all debts owed, upon payment of a flat fee.

You will be able to ask Studio Legale Mascali to take action without worrying about the cost for each case.

The flat fee includes the entire out-of-court procedure, described fully above, for all cases of outstanding debts.

The amount will be agreed in relation to the complexity of the activity carried out.


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